Short Term Bridge Lending

Hirshmark Capital is a direct private lender that provides short-term bridge loans in the tri-state region, with a focus on the New York metropolitan market (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Bronx). Borrowers can look to us when traditional sources of capital are unavailable or when a transaction requires a “time of the essence” approach.

We stand apart from many other short-term bridge lenders because:

  • We provide loans from as low as $500,000 to as high as $30,000,000.
  • Our rates are extremely competitive, starting at 6%.
  • We offer low fees, which typically consist of at most a few points and no hidden fees or costs.
  • We can react to a request to fund quickly; we typically close within 3-5 business days of receipt of a title report and do not require lengthy applications or appraisals. Unlike other short-term and conventional lenders we understand the value of your property and do not need to rely on lengthy and time consuming third party reports.
  • Our terms are flexible and vary from a minimum of three months to three years, with renewal options available.
  • We loan on all property types (except owner-occupied 1-4 families), with an emphasis on mixed-use, retail and multifamily properties.
  • We provide short term funding where others don’t; bankruptcy workouts, complex foreclosure workouts and discounted repurchases of debt from banks. We are also comfortable with providing financing for purchases of non-performing debt.
  • We provide funding to hard money lenders that are looking to retain their loan portfolio, but want to recapitalize and deploy the freed up capital into alternative and new investments.

We always protect our brokers. Brokers are welcomed and encouraged to bring us new opportunities.