Commercial Property Acquisition

Hirshmark Capital is a full-service owner, developer and manager of over 30 commercial properties in the New York market, with an emphasis on retail based commercial real estate. We are aggressively looking for new opportunities to purchase additional commercial properties. Our acquisition prices range from under $1,000,000 to $15,000,000. We have an expertise in identifying opportunistic real estate assets that are currently under-performing or in need of a turn-around approach. We are aggressive in purchasing properties that allow us to implement a value-add approach, by increasing rents, renovating the property or altering the financial structure, both debt and equity, in a given transaction.

Here are some characteristics that we look for:

I. Retail:

      • Current leases that have below market rents with significant upside in the near to medium term. Additionally, vacant space that can be re-leased more efficiently and profitably using our vast network and management expertise.
      • Retail that may include tax-payers, mixed-use buildings as well as shopping centers.
      • Densely populated urban markets, with an emphasis on the tri-state area, especially the five boroughs.
      • Retail locations that allow us to utilize our vast network and expertise in attracting national tenants to the subject retail space.

II. Multi-family, mixed-use, office and other property types:

      • Properties that currently have poor or under-performing management (high vacancy, high collection loss or higher than average property expenses).
      • Properties that are in need of renovations, violation remediation, or properties that lack regulatory compliance.

        We welcome sellers and brokers to show us any opportunities that they think will match our criteria. We promise that our expertise will allow us to discretely, professionally and diligently review any opportunity that is presented to us.